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  • reputation for being

    He engineered a reputation for being ‘hopeless’.
  • have a reputation

    THE British have a reputation for not complaining.
  • reputation of being

    ‘The mill has the reputation of being one of the most energy-efficient in the world,’ he said.
  • high reputation

    For one thing at least the Scots enjoyed a generally high reputation: they were hardy and courageous fighters.
  • international reputation

    Emma Kirkby's international reputation as a performer of Early Music is a unique achievement.
  • acquire a reputation

    As the discount factor tends to unity, so the equilibrium alters to make it harder to acquire a reputation as a z = 0 type, by extending the length of the temporary reputation which all types enjoy.
  • temporary reputation

    In the limit as the temporary reputation lasts forever.
  • grow reputation

  • strong reputation

    He had written to Father Walter Adams, who had a strong reputation as a confessor and spiritual director.
  • earn a reputation

  • reputation for quality

    Good reputation for quality
  • establish reputation

  • excellent reputation

    We have got an excellent reputation in this area and we want to reap the benefits.’
  • goodwill and reputation

    He said Mail Newspapers would probably ‘suffer damage to their goodwill and reputation in consequence of Mr Arnold's proposed activities’.
  • good reputation

    The hotel has a good reputation locally for food and you will soon realise why.
  • up a reputation

    Similarly, the MSc/Diploma in Community Education has built up a reputation within the UK but is also strongly supported by agencies funding students from overseas.
  • reputation for having

    have a reputation for having a no-nonsense ‘call a spade a spade’ style

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