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  • there is evidence

    It is known as a speech output system because there is evidence that a quite separate lexicon is involved in speech perception.
  • give evidence

    Mayhew to give evidence
  • medical evidence

    There is no medical evidence to support the idea that a bitch needs to have a litter before she is spayed .
  • evidence to support

    But police experts say there's no evidence to support that.
  • evidence to suggest

    There was, however, no evidence to suggest that the employee's obligation was subject to exceptions in certain circumstances.
  • further evidence

    ‘Do we have any further evidence?’
  • little evidence

    Most of the oil was dispersed quickly, leaving "little evidence of pollution" .
  • evidence before

    Or or is the only evidence before me that which er was given by Mr ?
  • sufficient evidence

    It is not, at least not in the first instance, the formulation of clear, precise, and coherently related propositions backed up by sufficient evidence and argument.
  • historical evidence

    No matter how strong the historical evidence for the resurrection, we shall never accept it.
  • conclusive evidence

    In that house there was even more conclusive evidence by the way of pawn tickets, and more letters written to Mrs Stanfield and Mrs Harding, both aliases used by the bloated baby farmer.
  • evidence to show

    There is no evidence to show that HIV can be caught from social contact.
  • evidence shows

    Scientific evidence shows that some of these have been altered.
  • scientific evidence

    He said there was scientific evidence that the AIDS virus could pass through latex.
  • better evidence

    It is, therefore, worth calling the attention of villa excavators to these possibilities with the hope that they will eventually produce more and better evidence which will help to elucidate changes in this period.
  • overwhelm evidence

  • evidence suggests

    The evidence suggests that, far from enhancing the anti-Tory campaign, the debate on PR helped John Major secure his unexpected victory.

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