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  • most popular

    The most popular of all was Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."
  • very popular

    She was a very popular girl.
  • popular front

    Meanwhile Cripps and two other Labour MPs, Aneurin Bevan and G. R. Strauss, were expelled from the party for advocating the policy of a ‘popular front’ in alliance with Liberals and Communists, and (in Cripps's case) for circulating a memorandum proposing this to all affiliated organisations.
  • popular support

    At the same time, Mrs Aquino is mobilising popular support for her beleaguered government.
  • popular culture

    popular culture
  • increasingly popular

    Sponsorship events in the arts and sports are becoming an increasingly popular form of publicity.
  • so popular

    In its heyday it was so popular long queues built up outside its shops.
  • be popular

    That won't be popular, but we have got to use less and conserve more.
  • popular music

    popular music
  • contrary to popular

    Flexibility of the shaft does not therefore, contrary to popular belief, add to the club head velocity by a kind of ‘springing back’ action.
  • popular film

    For example, a dubbed version of a popular film may be showing locally.
  • popular holiday

    Skiing became a chic and popular holiday for women.
  • popular image

    The popular image of him as a laconic, amiable figure is not entirely accurate.
  • popular party

    Lombardo travelled throughout Latin America drumming up support for the Communist Confederation of the Workers of Latin America (CTAL) formed in 1938, before forming his own popular party in Mexico a decade later.
  • popular television

    A popular television series, ‘Yes, Minister’(later ‘Yes, Prime Minister’) openly parodied the consensual, complacent ways of the permanent secretaries and under-secretaries.
  • popular sense

    Vishnu is the preserver of this principle which in the popular sense would be ‘let nature take its course’, to preserve a natural balance.
  • particularly popular

    Targeted particularly at medium to large-size businesses, where the $35m privately-owned company is eager to cash in on the trend towards down-sizing, the software is particularly popular among manufacturers, retailers and service companies in the US, and banks in the UK.
  • popular vote

    The 1973 Constitution provides for a National Assembly made up of the Cabinet and 30 members elected by popular vote.

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