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  • little impact

    She has hunted wild game, mainly roe deer and moose, and has had little impact on livestock.
  • make an impact

    Mobile data networks are starting to make an impact.
  • have an impact

    All these interventions have an impact on the internal life of institutions; and, arguably, not all are of a deleterious character.
  • potential impact

    Probably the area of maximum potential impact is in taxonomic computing.
  • significant impact

    Clearly the MMC recommendations may have a significant impact,’ he said.
  • direct impact

    Religion and war are two obvious areas where government policy could have a direct impact on the population at large, and these were the two major sources of party conflict at this time.
  • visual impact

    However, these criticisms are outweighed by the visual impact which pie charts have.
  • impact of social

    Abrams and Marsden open up an important and neglected aspect of this question — the impact of social class upon attitudes to caring.
  • assess the impact

    Additionally, some effort will be made to assess the impact of the change on the approaches adopted by managers of passenger transport undertakings.
  • environmental impact assessment

    As a consultant specialising in environmental impact assessments and environmental audits I feel that this criticism is rather unfair.
  • initial impact

    Telnitz is some way ahead of you; we expect the forces there to take the initial impact of the assault.’
  • major impact

    The technique will have a major impact in this subject.

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