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  • out the possibility

    But without the possibility of the voyage he will be obliged to accept the meaninglessness of life.
  • also the possibility

    In the case of preference shares the company pays a fixed annual sum to the shareholder, and there is also the possibility of capital appreciation when the share is sold.
  • up the possibility

    Secondly, to open up the possibility for modern society of a rational discourse, freed from artificial domination, in which participants share equally in the conversation.
  • second possibility

    This second possibility is under investigation.
  • possibility of being

    I was the beetle who woke up and saw the possibility of being a man.
  • consider the possibility

    One can also consider the possibility that there might be black holes with masses much less than that of the sun.
  • raise the possibility

    In fact, a close consideration of work done in discourse processing would raise the possibility of even more radical accommodation.
  • possibility of further

    It is then so much easier to remove the rabbit since the possibility of further tangling is virtually eliminated.
  • real possibility

    That I think recognizes a possibility, by no means a probability, but a possibility that Paul might move away from home and the more real possibility that in due course that Mr and Mrs might be unable to bear their part further as carers.
  • possibility of using

    The possibility of using wood to generate electricity should also be explored.
  • exclude the possibility

    The Liberal Democrats refuse to exclude the possibility of forming a pact with the Tories so many people know that a vote for the Liberal Democrats could actually be a vote to keep the Tories in power.
  • see the possibility

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