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  • partnerships between

    partnerships between schools and industry
  • partnerships were

    APT partnerships were thought up by Engel and Rudman, a Denver-based law firm frustrated by its own high insurance premiums.
  • partnerships where

    Exactly the same problems can emerge in gay and lesbian partnerships where there is inequality of power and opportunity.
  • partnerships should

    Ideally partnerships should allow teachers and business people to work together on curriculum developments and to consider jointly what each might offer to curriculum delivery.
  • partnerships have

    Schools have been accused of neglecting economic and industrial understanding and its relationship with social standards; partnerships have the opportunity to improve the quality of this aspect of the curriculum.
  • limit partnerships

  • development of partnerships

    An analysis of the origins of partnerships, their supporters and sponsors, gives some important clues in the diagnosis of the development of partnerships to date.
  • through partnerships

    With its core product the eponymous black stout, Guinness has the flexibility to explore new markets and opportunities through partnerships with other brewers in joint ventures, and licensed or contract brewing agreements.
  • employer partnerships

  • many partnerships

    To summarise, many partnerships appear to have focused or been focused on the immediate and not necessarily the important.
  • traders and partnerships

    Sole traders and partnerships are liable to income tax on business profits, rather than corporation tax.
  • most partnerships

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