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  • great significance

    This has one very important result which has great significance in relation to alternatives.
  • particular significance

    The reaction of the DP was of particular significance.
  • real significance

    However, the real significance of the corporations extends beyond this.
  • special significance

    Prolonged staring with wide-open eyes has a special significance for the cat.
  • greater significance

    And, as people get older, they tend to attach greater significance to the home in providing such security.
  • major significance

    The staff of a school are its most important resource and their commitment to decisions made is likely to be of major significance in ensuring effective implementation.
  • social significance

    In Britain local authority (council) housing has become the second largest sector of the housing market, holding considerable social significance in local areas.
  • theoretical significance

    In section 3.4, in particular, we shall see the theoretical significance of drawing this distinction.
  • symbolic significance

    Within the country, the symbolic significance of the law is as important as its practical impact.
  • mean and significance

  • economic significance

    So picking the bones out of that, it's size, composition, economic significance and locational requirement means that you can't bed it down in your ordinary I five allocation.
  • political significance

    In public debate marriage can take on a political significance as its supporters and opponents do battle over whether or not it is good for men, good for women and good for society.
  • little significance

    All that mattered to these people was to kill; how they did so had little significance.

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