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  • medical staff

    All medical staff are pressurized to force family planning on women.
  • medical treatment

    After she married her husband Ted, she underwent as did he tests and medical treatment for their childless state.
  • medical officer

    Dr Tony , honourary medical officer.
  • medical practice

    changes in medical practice
  • medical opinion

    However, you would also have to show that the drug in question had actually caused the spina bifida and you still need an expert medical opinion in order to establish this.
  • medical profession

    The courts therefore allow the medical profession to set their own standard.
  • medical research council

  • medical education

    Editor ,— In her series on medical education Stella Lowry has failed to mention one major initiative in community based medical education.
  • medical science

    Such a request, unfortunately, is beyond medical science at present.
  • medical students

    And Rufus was wild too, the way medical students had a reputation for being.
  • medical care

    She'd been under medical care.’
  • medical advice

    She became depressed and lethargic, asking (with her parents) for more medical advice.
  • expert medical

    It should be plain that cases such as this require urgent, expert medical attention for which Arnica is no substitute even though it may well help.
  • medical supplies

    The Rotary Club of Clacton wants to provide better medical care and child welfare by sending a convoy of two lorries and a minibus full of aid, including medical supplies, to the country.
  • medical examination

    Social security — consumer views on Attendance Allowance medical examinations
  • food and medical

    There was growing concern that Iraq's continued refusal to accept UN resolutions governing oil sales would aggravate conditions ensuing from chronic food and medical shortages.
  • medical centre

    Shelley, already on her feet, carried her up to the medical centre with Carlos's help.
  • medical practitioners

    Within the past two years four Chinese medical practitioners have opened clinics in London, all based in the Chinatown area around Soho.
  • medical examinations

    Social security — consumer views on Attendance Allowance medical examinations
  • medical journals

    This is the age of accountability, and editors of medical journals must be as accountable as anybody else.
  • medical expenses

    Personal accident, cancellation and curtailment, medical expenses and hospital benefit
  • british medical journal


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