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  • draw attention

    There is however, one further distinction which is rarely noted, but which it is important to draw attention to here.
  • particular attention

    Pay particular attention to any areas which may be problematic — unexplained gaps in work sequence, poor examination results, etc.
  • serious attention

    Book publishing is another important aspect of the print media to which private organisations and the government should pay serious attention.
  • little attention

    Beetle attack which has ceased requires little attention except for any necessary repairs to the damaged timbers.
  • draw your attention

    Someone who could draw your attention without being seen.
  • care and attention

    Erm,uncare, undue care and attention, yeah.
  • attention is directed

    It is to his circumstances that attention is directed in fixing the rate of tax to be paid.
  • attention away

    They had to try to take attention away from the accepted theory that Jibril and the Syrians were responsible.
  • turn his attention

    If England feared Spain, for the Scottish Protestants Henri II became a very present menace; for through his daughter-in-law Mary he might turn his attention to the Calvinists in Scotland as well as those in France.
  • attention to detail

    He will be remembered for his wonderful attention to detail and his meticulous work.
  • attention given

    What makes it so is the extraordinary care and attention given to every guest by its owner, Jean Dodgson.
  • so much attention

    Never has there been a gas cooker with so many refinements, so many innovations, so much attention to detail as the new Moffat Discovery.
  • public attention

    It could be part also of an effort to raise a smoke screen to divert public attention from Reagan's plan for a massive military build-up.
  • pay attention

    I wish you'd learn to pay attention.
  • attention should

    Instead, attention should be focused on halting the felling of existing forests.
  • less attention

    Even in the most politically advanced parts of the continent foreign affairs still attracted, for the most part, much less attention than internal problems.
  • direct attention

    Detailed studies of particular artefacts direct attention to the varying complexity involved in manufacturing items, many of them designed for specific functions.
  • attention back

    He simply turned his attention back to his pudding.

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