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  • lexical items

    Within the category of lexical items, I include the formulaic patterns I referred to earlier.
  • lexical units

    The paradigmatic and syntactic delimitation of lexical units
  • lexical unit

    The paradigmatic and syntactic delimitation of lexical units
  • lexical item

    These often show a dissociation between the stem of a lexical item and its affix.
  • lexical procedure

    Suppose the lexical procedure had been damaged whilst the non-lexical procedure remained intact.
  • lexical meaning

    These articles, definite and indefinite, now increase the specificity of the lexical meaning of the nouns.
  • lexical form

    The difficulties mostly concern tests based on the antagonism of sister-senses (i.e. senses associated with a single lexical form).
  • different lexical

    (The most ambiguous word in the lexicon is put which has 638 different lexical entries.
  • lexical and grammatical

    In 2 we looked at the details of formal lexical and grammatical connections between sentences in monologue.
  • lexical information

    The use of orthographic and lexical information for handwriting recognition.
  • appropriate lexical

    If the subject's task is to report the letter, however, further work needs to be done: the abstract code for the letter must be generated and transmitted to the appropriate lexical output system.
  • grammatical and lexical

    The responses that such students make will tell the teacher something about their phonological, grammatical and lexical weaknesses.
  • lexical access component

    Table 5.1. below gives some performance figures for the HWIM and RM1 lexical access components.
  • lexical check

    No lexical checking was carried out.
  • lexical relation

    This model can be applied to the definition of a set of lexical relations in two ways.
  • lexical semantics

    lexical semantics
  • between lexical

    Much has been written on the subject of causative verbs and causativity, and, more particularly, about the semantic and transformational relation between lexical causatives (such as the verb kill) and periphrastic forms (such as cause to die).
  • lexical decisions

    Yet this is not to say that lexical decisions should always be left open until the end of the utterance, as in HARPY.
  • lexical checking

    No lexical checking was carried out.
  • lexical stress

    We therefore assumed some identification of lexical stress.
  • study of lexical

    At this level of specificity, therefore, these facts are of limited significance for a general study of lexical semantics.
  • single lexical

    Word recognition occurs when the activation of a single lexical entry (i.e. a logogen) crosses some critical threshold value.
  • lexical processing

    As the lexicon storage increases, more processing is required at the lexical processing stage to validate character combinations.
  • lexical entries

    The lexical entries of the ANLT are presented as 5-tuple entries:

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