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  • obligation to obey

    Secondly, it admits only a prima facie obligation to obey the law.
  • obey the law

    Secondly, it admits only a prima facie obligation to obey the law.
  • must obey

    We must obey the rules."
  • refuse to obey

    He will talk about human rights and military training, and the responsibility to refuse to obey an illegal order.
  • do not obey

    Real gases do not obey the ideal gas equation,.
  • have to obey

    It was all very well for Dawlish to tell me to take orders from the Brain, he didn't have to obey them.
  • duty to obey

    But it was a wife's duty to obey her husband in all that was not sin.
  • should obey

    It doesn't teach her why she should obey you — so she'll carry on with her naughtiness.
  • obey the rules

    We must obey the rules."
  • obey every

    He may not exactly obey every letter of the law.
  • failure to obey

    One reason for that drifting away is that, as a result of the Government's failure to obey European Community rules, we are not getting the money that we should under RECHAR.
  • obey the signs

    So, on behalf of Sam, Omero, Minky and all the other animals — please obey the signs and do not feed .
  • reason to obey

    In spite of its importance, the duty to support and maintain just institutions fails to establish a general reason to obey even laws which the government is justified in making.
  • ready to obey

    PAMELA: I am ready to obey your ladyship.
  • obey even

    But since he was put in the charge of the baby-sitter he ought to obey even (some of) his misguided orders.
  • promise to obey

    It is worth noting, however, that consent to a political authority entails a promise to obey it (as well as perhaps an obligation to support it in other ways).
  • obey orders

    We've got to obey orders — you know that.

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