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  • during the interval

    So during the interval I felt distinctly apologetic.
  • retention interval

    This interaction between arousal and retention interval does appear to be robust.
  • short interval

    After a short interval, the two came out again.
  • time interval between

    The time interval between the mother eating the food and the baby suffering symptoms can vary from one day to several days.
  • before the interval

    Battye kicked a further penalty to make it 25–0 just before the interval.
  • mean interval

    Zuccaro et al reported a mean interval of 25 months (range 3–54 months) and Lohmuller et al reported a mean interval of 17 months (range 2 days–93 months).
  • interval when

    Tynemouth went further ahead after the interval when Jonathan Thomson found himself with a scoring opportunity after a rare mistake by Lee.
  • stone free interval

    Stone free interval — The median stone free interval between gall stone dissolution and trial entry was nine (range 1 to 80) months.
  • qt interval

  • interval of time

    The interval of time between the test occasions varied.
  • precede birth interval

  • interval between offline

    The scheduling of subsequent offline runs can be automated using option 9.2.0, which allows the user to specify an interval between offline runs.
  • average interval

    By the time Callaghan took over, the average interval had been increased to a little over two years.
  • interval and ratio

    It is with interval and ratio scales that we reach a level of measurement which allows us to use the standard arithmetic operations.
  • interval i

    This effect, however, appears to interact with retention interval in a way that is not necessarily consistent with repression interpretations.
  • longer interval

    ‘An announcement to the audience — there will be a slightly longer interval and Herr Gesner, due to an indisposition, will not be able to continue his performance.
  • interval of two

    Many birds, on the other hand, hear as separate sounds noises which are separated by an interval of two microseconds or less.
  • interval harmony

    By now it should be obvious that with interval harmony it is possible to obtain whatever harmonic results we please, through the manipulation of the consonant or dissonant intervals available to us, without resorting to tonal conventions.
  • free interval between

    Stone free interval — The median stone free interval between gall stone dissolution and trial entry was nine (range 1 to 80) months.
  • long interval

    It is the stately motion of the gas giants that is alone responsible for the long interval (about 180 years) between full synods, and an ‘outer half-synod’ recurs at exactly the same interval.
  • interval lead

    A Lydon penalty gave Wigan a 9-2 interval lead and despite the errors, John Monie's men didn't look in imminent danger.

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