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  • best method

    We think that is the best method.
  • method described

    A preparation obtained by the method described in Table 1 is illustrated in Figure 1.
  • first method

    I have tried them all and find that the first method suits me best.
  • method of producing

    A new method of producing very pure samples has allowed researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory and UCLA to make two crucial measurements of superconducting compounds built with ‘buckyballs’.
  • second method

    The second method, after Gross [1985], uses a lexicon-grammar, in the form of a two-dimensional matrix.
  • simple method

    There is no simple method of means testing.
  • method of working

    Each machinist was given virtually an entire garment to produce as a more satisfying method of working than ‘production line’ techniques.
  • latter method

    In this section we shall have a brief look at the latter method.
  • whatever method

    Thus, one would advise sufferers to deal first with their addictive disease through a 12 Step programme of recovery through the Anonymous Fellowships and later, while in the second stage of recovery, come to deal with other behavioural issues through whatever method may be individually appropriate.

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