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  • water pollution

    They have also suffered disease believed to have been exacerbated by water pollution.
  • pollution caused

    About £3 billion went on reducing pollution caused by all kinds of waste and £2.4 billion on curbing air pollution.
  • marine pollution

    Paris Convention on marine pollution
  • environmental pollution

    Nor do they contribute to environmental pollution by burning fossil fuels.
  • pollution problems

    It was a good example of how employees can contribute to solving pollution problems.
  • oil pollution

    In addition each aircraft will be capable of carrying an oil pollution detection system.
  • atmospheric pollution

    The polytechnic has employed research student Jo Denn to see whether a link can be established between childhood asthma and atmospheric pollution.
  • inspectorate of pollution

  • air pollution levels

    Fourthly, a mathematical model is needed to be able to calculate air pollution levels from an emission inventory of an area under varying meteorological conditions and to predict air pollution levels arising from proposed changes to emissions in an area.
  • lead pollution

    Polish lead pollution revealed
  • pollution incidents

    Between 1979 and 1990, the number of reported pollution incidents from farm waste more than doubled.
  • pollution issues

    All the advice he had been getting, he told them, was that Britain was in fact very culpable in North Sea pollution issues.
  • air pollution control

    catalytic industrial air pollution control systems

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