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  • native american

  • native speakers

    Useful for native and non-native speakers of English.
  • native language

    Yet English is not the native language for almost half of our overseas visitors.
  • native speaker

    Are you a native speaker of English?
  • native species

    Finland's native species face extinction as forests felled
  • native implementation

    Many Macintosh applications spend up to 90% of processing time within the Toolbox, according to Apple, which is why a native implementation was developed.
  • native land

    The world's greatest rock n'roll band returned in triumph to their native land last week.
  • native country

    For my native country, Iran, I felt a surge of admiration.
  • native of southern

    It is a native of southern Europe and grows in temperate to warm regions in North America.
  • native english

  • both native

    This broadly is the pattern now emerging from a study of the British coinage and pottery, both native types and imports of this period.

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