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  • twin towers

    The façade has twin towers of which the spires were added in the 1860s.
  • alton towers

  • cool towers

  • tower were

  • ivory towers

    The word they brought down from their ivory towers was ‘acceptability’.
  • two towers

    On either side of the parapet walk were two towers.
  • fawlty towers

  • tower above

  • tower and spires

  • tall towers

    Khusam (4.7) had also built two tall towers of similar height.
  • many towers

    How many towers AND spires can you count?
  • church towers

    Watch out for his flag being flown from the church towers on this day.
  • twin western towers

    It has tall, twin western towers and spires and a long nave and choir.
  • seven towers

    Their sketches show the castle fully formed, with seven towers and high battlements, the stone appearing slightly worn and aged.

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