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  • i need

  • do not need

    Unleaded (minimum octane of 95) is for all petrol vehicles that do not need lead for ‘valve’ lubrication.
  • need to know

    ‘Do you need to know?’
  • need to go

    Well I think you need to go look at that.
  • do need

    I do need a new pair of shoes.
  • also need

    You may also need to refresh your memory before you go to visit somebody.
  • really need

    What you really need is a shed on wheels which you can pull behind you.
  • need to make

    I mean i it's it's where we feel we need to make the emphasis.
  • need to do

    What what we need to do, is make sure these scripts are done before half term really, don't we.
  • go to need

  • need to find

    He tried not to think about the time, six months ahead, when his grant would finish and he would need to find work.
  • need to use

    You do not need to use expensive gloss or enamel paints, because you have to finish off the surface with polyurethane anyway.
  • need to take

    In considering your employees' need for information, you need to take into account:
  • now need

    However, the issues here will now need to be considered by governing bodies as well as advisory staff.
  • need to have

    So you need to have the ability to keep going but you can't get stamina till you've previously got s the, the strength in the muscles to do it.
  • people need

    He says education services for young people need to be improved.
  • so you need

    Just as you have a routine for looking after your skin, so you need one for looking after your hair.
  • need to see

    Hence there is a need to seek out opportunities for creativity in the general fabric of daily life.
  • need to keep

    He'd need to keep his senses sharp and try to put any such callow thoughts quite out of his mind.

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