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  • large number

    A large number of works with low effluent quality do not face prosecution.
  • number of people

    All the seats were filled and a number of people were standing by the door.
  • small number

    There are a great number of output programs available through a conveniently small number of menus.
  • total number

    and the total number of new out-patients by 6 per cent.
  • increase number

  • number of problems

    As might be expected, there are a number of problems with this approach.
  • number two

    No , number two, number two in November nineteen seventy three .
  • decimal number

    2a The pupil can identify the place value of a column or a digit in it for values of tenths, hundredths and thousandths; 2b the pupil can represent in numerals a decimal number given in words; 2c the pupil can represent in words a decimal number given in numerals; 2d the pupil can order decimal numbers; 2e the pupil can provide a decimal number which is between two given numbers in size; 2f the pupil can represent a given decimal number on a number line or read one from a number line or scale; 2g the pupil can understand relationships of the form 1.3 x 8 (I x 8) + (0.3 x 8); 2h the pupil can represent a fraction in tenths or hundredths as a decimal; 2i the pupil can represent a decimal with not more than two decimal places as a fraction.
  • number of cases

    There are a number of cases of this kind, and I would point out that air and rail journeys are only two of a number of service benefits which have a number of problems attached to them.
  • limit number

  • number of hits

    Resolve the number of hits as normal with saving throws as appropriate.
  • number of small

    It is impossible in a book of this size to describe the vast number of small animals and the lives that they lead.
  • reduce the number

    It is anticipated that the benefits obtained from these actions will reduce the number of pedestrian casualties by 5%.
  • number of young

    ‘Young women interested in the car or motorbike projects are put off by the number of young men,’ says Hackney project worker Berverlin McKenzie.
  • have a number

    ‘Reubens said two-thirds of painting was grey — that's the tertiaries, and that if you don't have a number of greys you won't get colour to work.’

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