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  • toxic waste

    Homes built on toxic waste tip
  • nuclear waste

    Vociferous local opposition — e.g. anti-nuclear waste.
  • waste disposal

    Hazardous waste disposal
  • waste time

    He didn't waste time.
  • radioactive waste

    Framework for assisting decision making in controlling radioactive waste
  • hazardous waste

    Its fee, says Domini, covers only the costs of hazardous waste disposal.
  • waste of time

    waste, waste of time!
  • industrial waste

    Welcome back: An MP is asking the Government to clean up a major tourist area, used for years as an industrial waste dump.
  • waste land

    Sentence (1) introduces the topic of the paragraph: the functioning of the "waste land motif" in the organisation of The Great Gatsby.
  • waste ground

    They had to cross a stretch of waste ground where buildings had been knocked down.
  • waste collection

    If you want any advice on waste collection or need the FREE BULKY HOUSEHOLD WASTE COLLECTION SERVICE:
  • tonnes of waste

    The tip, which has been called the biggest in Europe, receives more than a million tonnes of waste every year, nearly two thirds of it toxic.
  • total waste

    A total waste of money really.
  • waste money

    The one thing you should not do is waste money and risk your fish's health by treating the tank with chemicals — there is no point unless you know what you are treating.
  • waste of resources

    If used, it will almost definitely start a nuclear world war, and if not, it is just a waste of resources and a treacherous device to disarm.
  • waste materials

    Once waste materials have become mixed, the problems increase enormously and certain substances become virtually irretrievable.
  • waste my time

    ‘I wouldn't waste my time, Robyn,’ he snapped sarcastically.
  • use of waste

    Wider use of waste heat will be encouraged and a 15 per cent saving on the government energy bill sought by 1995.
  • waste management

    Extraction, energy generation and waste management processes are all considered in a reasonably comprehensive manner.

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