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  • collide plane wave

  • vertical plane

    A vertical plane remains parallel to the drawing surface and is true to scale.
  • next plane

    ‘If I wasn't defending, I would be on the next plane home,’ he said.
  • fighter plane

    A fighter plane took station to starboard for a moment, the Red Star plain on its fuselage, then it banked away.
  • higher plane

    The game generally, was on a much higher plane of skill and fitness and thought.
  • plane wave solutions

    Colliding plane wave solutions also have two Killing vectors, and the main field equations can be transformed exactly to the Ernst equation.
  • plane crashed

    The service ended in 1958 when a sea plane crashed into the sea between Lisbon and Madeira.
  • plane crash

    Three rugby fans killed in light plane crash.
  • off the plane

    ‘But I've only just got off the plane,’ insisted Crawford.
  • plane back

    The next day she took the plane back to Oklahoma.
  • plane flying

    Mr Clay said he saw the second article on the plane flying home.
  • plane gravitational waves

    This describes the collision of plane gravitational waves with step wavefronts.
  • plane trees

    A double row of plane trees forms a ‘network of bare branches [that]functions in depth, a corridor of cobwebs full of traps for flies, woven by a giant spider’(21/23).
  • incline plane

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