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  • rather vague

    This line of thought seems to be promising, but it is rather vague.
  • vague idea

    Everyone had a vague idea of what it meant but none could precisely have defined it.
  • be vague

    I had decided to be vague.
  • so vague

    Of course, the mortgage market today is neither so generous nor so vague.
  • only a vague

    Thus far, Kirov had received only a vague brief about his current project.
  • somewhat vague

    The definition had been left somewhat vague in the legislation, though it was intended to embrace all matters relevant.
  • vague notion

    He finds himself evaluated by the correspondingly vague notion of competence.
  • too vague

    It's probably too vague
  • vague way

    They are in a vague way in debt to society or the state.
  • vague impression

    He stood over her, his black suit and ugly, smiling face contributing to a vague impression of evil.
  • very vague

    She could be very vague.
  • bite vague

  • vague shape

    Her aunt sketched a vague shape in the air.
  • vague memories

    He had vague memories of a brother who apparently did not exist any more.
  • vague description

    Their latest lead is a vague description of a man at Sharpness in a car in which Carol Clark was a passenger.
  • vague feeling

    He smiles slightly at the vague feeling of hope he now feels.

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