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  • public service

    Principle, as well as expediency, therefore ensured that public service broadcasting was to be impartial.
  • health service

    The policy caused great indignation in the health service.
  • civil service

    I must confess that I would prefer to see a pigtail with an earring rather than the traditional civil service bowler hat.
  • military service

    Long military service could easily become disastrous to the ordinary Roman peasant.
  • service were

    The arrangements for the service were made by the Rotary Club of Arcadia, the service being held at the graveside of the British Plot in Oak Ridge Cemetery.
  • customer service

    A retail organisation, for instance, may place priority on action, customer service and teamwork.
  • information service

    An Austrian organisation for the promotion of the religious media in central and eastern Europe has provided the information service with the technical assistance necessary in starting the agency.
  • prison service

    I sincerely hope that we shall have a change of Government in the not-too-distant future, and that my right hon. Friend the Member for Sparbrook will be able to rectify the wrongs that have been so obviously perpetrated by the Government on the prison service during the past 12 years.

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