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  • students were

    The students were offered rewards for complying with their given norms.
  • number of students

    THE FIRST and most serious change that Professor Horst Rollnik has seen during his 19-year long career at Bonn is the vast growth in the number of students, in all subjects including his own, physics.
  • mature students

    Colleges welcome mature students for two reasons.
  • students have

    Angry students have burnt the Stars and Stripes, the Tricolor and the Union Jack on the streets of Algiers.
  • majority of students

    The majority of students become acclimatised to these sensations after a few flights, but every instructor is aware that some students are particularly sensitive to these feelings and can develop a total abhorrence of stalling and pitching manoeuvres.
  • students do

    It is well known that all students do not learn in the same way.
  • where students

    At —we have an arrangement where students can choose flexibly any weighting from 50:50 to ⅔: ⅓ in composing their degree programme and most choose the latter weighting or something like it.
  • overseas students

    Of those 351 were overseas students.
  • students and staff

    There are precedents for such a move: during the second world war some students and staff from University College Hospital, London, relocated to Cardiff.
  • research students

    At the time of the survey 70 per cent of 1984 research students were already in employment or waiting to start work;

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