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  • show how

    The method of allowing for this is to show how many divorces there are per 1,000 of the married population.
  • royal show

  • show up

    Should show up.
  • able to show

    This model was able to show deviations from the norm and thus show areas of unexpectedly high or low density.
  • statistics show

    Our statistics show that we consume all that we're capable of producing, yet we're investing less and less in new capacity to produce.
  • show signs

    A psychologist will keep tabs on teams of youngsters and will stop the operation if they show signs of stress.
  • show off

    but with their friends they've gotta show off
  • have to show

    ‘I mean, we have to show them we're terribly trustworthy or something, show them that if we are allowed to wander off, we'll wander back in good time.’
  • out and show

    "We're going to take him out and show him round."
  • want to show

    Daddy I want to show you something.
  • slide show

    The tools for designing slide show presentations are outstanding, and centre round the Light Table.
  • i will show

  • should show

    To follow the close-up of the pre-headed letter, the first shot should show all the performers together to establish them in the setting.
  • then show

    The defendant only needs to assert that he is in possession and the plaintiff must then show that his title is better than the defendant's.
  • seem to show

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