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  • language learners

    So why not have "comprehension breaks" for an audience of language learners?
  • learners of english

  • young learners

    The best possible motivation for young learners!
  • foreign learners

    Written exercises (mainly for foreign learners)
  • learners should

    All learners should be encouraged to participate in the sessions.
  • learners need

    Some learners need English in order to be able to follow lectures.
  • learners have

    The more exposure learners have to the language, the better they are likely to learn it.
  • adult learners

    Preliminary information on business practice and correspondence for adult learners with basis of English.
  • teachers and learners

    The same paper reports that Octopuses (Octopi?) are excellent teachers and learners.
  • advance learners

  • help learners

    We also need to help learners integrate the components of communication one with another.
  • tutor and learners

  • older learners

    Intuitively, one feels that older learners are at a disadvantage in relation to learning a language, but research shows the situation to be rather more complex.
  • slow learners

    Slow walkers may be slow learners

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