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  • reproductive success

    Natural selection selects for reproductive success.
  • chance of success

    Experts on both sides of the debate believe the parliamentary campaign has the best chance of success since abortion was legalised in 1967.
  • success rate

    If treatment is needed the success rate is very high.
  • relative success

    This relative success should not, however, overshadow Labour's undoubted triumph.
  • success depends

    But despite the success each battle is a David and Goliath affair and success depends upon the work of a few dedicated people.
  • economic success

    Many East Asians say it is no coincidence that their countries, home to the martial arts, have achieved greater economic success than other Asian countries.
  • success or failure

    It was a delicate, sensitive job; one upon which the success or failure of the whole attack depended.
  • lack of success

    GEOFFREY Wheatcroft wants Yorkshire County Cricket Club to be punished by further lack of success for employing overseas mercenaries (March 29).
  • limit success

  • success lies

    Much of their success lies in their skills in social manipulation whereby their rise is assisted by partners whose status and mating success likewise improves.
  • breed success

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