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  • sigh of relief

    Owen breathed a sigh of relief.
  • breathe a sigh

    Parents may well breathe a sigh of relief at that news.
  • long sigh

    She gave another long sigh.
  • huge sigh

    She gave a huge sigh.
  • deep sigh

    Harry gave a deep sigh.
  • give a sigh

    We give a sigh of relief — father was not killed after all.
  • heave a sigh

  • great sigh

    He gave a great sigh.
  • audible sigh

    There was an almost audible sigh of relief around the world that someone had been caught tampering with the dictionary.
  • small sigh

    Then she gave a small sigh.
  • sigh so

    His sigh sounded long, and really rather weary.
  • shudder sigh

  • out a sigh

    Robyn let out a sigh and closed her eyes with relief.
  • sigh of resignation

    The man gave a sigh of resignation.

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