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  • short story

    Well, let me tell you a short story.
  • story told

    ‘An amazing story told with great skill and restraint.’
  • true story

    ‘A true story that crosses the galaxy becomes a lie, Jaq.’
  • love story

    It's almost like writing fiction, a love story.’
  • full story

    He polished his pebble glasses on a handkerchief, a little diversion before he embarked on the full story.
  • story behind

    There is an interesting story behind the SuperCut woodcarving disc for angle grinders.
  • story to tell

    Mrs. Peggy Webb has a story to tell us.
  • good story

    Never mind, it seemed a good story at the time.
  • fairy story

    ‘He's supposed to believe this fairy story?’
  • story should

    The individual sees the story in one way, which becomes rationalised over time, and the language used to re-tell the story should reflect the power of the whole process.
  • remarkable story

    The tribute from fellow professionals is another achievement in the remarkable story of the Manchester United player who is proud of his North-East roots.
  • different story

    Plywood is a different story and can almost claim to be a new material and a most successful one.
  • when the story

    He forgot about the call until the end of the week when the story broke.

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