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  • subduction zone

    Generally speaking, a subduction zone is the place where the major business of the earth's surface is done.
  • zone de

    Zone de Piedmont has a mountainous character often with steep slopes and sufficient to limit agriculture but not as much as in the zone de montagne.
  • progress zone

    In addition, special receptors for retinoic acid have now been identified in the cells in the progress zone.
  • exclusion zone

    An exclusion zone order was last used to keep revellers away from Stonehenge.
  • war zone

    It was like a war zone.
  • relegation zone

    They are treading unfamiliar ground in the relegation zone and have failed to keep a clean sheet this season.
  • twilight zone

    In the controversial area of biotechnology, science has stepped into the twilight zone.
  • enterprise zone

    We have only their failed policies and an enterprise zone in Inverclyde.
  • zone between

    This followed an armistice agreement signed by representatives of France and the Democratic Republic the previous day accepting the division of the country along the 17th parallel with a demilitarised zone between.
  • buffer zone

    Martin Smith is correct about increasing the buffer zone to four shots.
  • zone i

    There's a new zone in the Crystal Maze.
  • time zone

    Like Rolex watches from a different time zone.
  • security zone

    The Chief of Staff of the Turkish armed forces Gen. Dogan Gures did not rule out the establishment of a Turkish security zone in the Iraqi mountains.

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