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  • red brick

    In one of those little red brick cottages?
  • brick walls

    Before 1930 most houses were built with solid brick walls.
  • brick building

    One mile to the south of the village lies Sand Hall, a large brick building erected in 1774.
  • brick house

    On the western side of Louth is Thorpe Hall; a beautifully mellow brick house with lichen-clad roof.
  • build of brick

  • bare brick

    In the dining area of the bare brick Kitchen there was a stirring in the pool of lethargy.
  • brick through

    I threw a brick through the window, ran away and then came back and did it again.
  • yellow brick

    He turned to look across the clunch field to the distant row of houses, their yellow brick walls and mean square windows now plainly visible.
  • large brick

    One mile to the south of the village lies Sand Hall, a large brick building erected in 1774.
  • like a brick

    They're like a brick, that's it.
  • brick or stone

    brick or stone enclosure, usually on the outskirts of a village, for stray animals.
  • concrete and brick

    The paratroop regiment that he had left eighteen months before was now bivouacked in a concrete and brick school house on the outskirts of Jalalabad and dominated the low ground of an Afghan valley.
  • brick dust

    In the 19th century, milk was frequently diluted with water, brick dust was added to chocolate and white bread made whiter by the addition of dangerous alum.
  • weather brick

  • brick lane

  • brick built

    Huge six-storey hulks, brick built nearly two hundred years ago.
  • high brick wall

    It had tiny windows like a prison, and a high brick wall all round it.
  • hit a brick

    He then engaged full astern, causing the boat to stop as if it had hit a brick wall, and cried: ‘Drop anchor!’


  1. Độn Thiên đối với hắn cũng khắc sâu trong lòng.

    - Chu Tước Tử, chuyện ngươi tiêu diệt Luyện Hồn Tông, Vương Lâm ta sẽ có một ngày trở về tìm ngươi!

    Vương Lâm ngẩng đầu, nhìn về hướng Chu Tước quốc, hai mắt lộ hàn quang.

    - Ngươi có thể gặp được người này là cơ duyên của ngươi. Hắn xứng đáng cho ngươi ghi tác trong lòng.

    Tư Đồ Nam than nhẹ, giọng điệu không hề cuồng ngạo mà theo một chút hồi tưởng, hắn nghĩ tới bạn tốt năm đó…
    dong tam mu lậu cho thuê nhà trọ cho thuê nhà trọ nhạc sàn cực mạnh tư vấn pháp luật qua điện thoại công ty luật ở hà nội số điện thoại tư vấn pháp luật dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
    - Ngươi có dự định gì không?

    Vương Lâm trầm mặc ít lâu, nhìn về phía Tư Đồ Nam.
    Tư Đồ Nam ánh mắt chợt lóe lên, vẻ kiệt ngạo lại tái hiện, nói :

    - Đương nhiên là đi tìm một thân thể tương xứng với linh căn của lão phu. Sau khi khôi phục bản lãnh, sẽ tìm những kẻ năm đó giết sạch từng tên một. Nếu như bọn chúng đã chết lão phu sẽ trút giận lên đầu hậu nhân của chúng!

  2. The Purpose of a dissertation
    When the time comes to write a thesis statement, it is ideal to start it as early as possible. During the last stages of development of the research document, the methodology will be completed. Writing the introductory section will enable the supervisor to understand better the purpose of writing the whole project. After the literature review, they will have a clear picture of the documents' scope, Although the dissertation Introduction is the initial segment of the written text, there are no synonyms for it. The main functions of the introductory part are:

    to describe the present state of knowledge regarding the topic under study, provide an overview of the current status of the issue nearby to retain the reader's attention
    In the second passage of the dissertation, the scientist explains the key concepts and hypotheses of the discussion. It would help if you created a hypothesis or evaluated an idea. Lastly, the student should illustrate the effect of the proposed researches on the observed facts. The third critical point that researchers aim to answer is the relevance of the variables and their meaning. Offer a pros and cons view of your results.

    The Synthesis Statement
    A D-statement brings out the problem for the researcher. It provides a synthesis of the problems in the field of study. The combined efforts of the disciplines are then highlighted. The formulated answers will guide the writer in putting the thought across. Any form of a theory becomes contingent on the findings.

    Overview of the Methodology
    This is the beginning of the procedure. Its primary function is to define and link the research methods. Systematically, it is the process followed to try to arrive at a novel solution to the investigated question. The synthesizing of the data is also determined by the parameters intricately explored in the model. These steps make the entire cycle easier to comprehend.

    Brief Discussion of the Research Strategy
    After showing the strategies employed in the theoretical groundwork, it is suitable to discuss the sampling strategy. The typical method used is the qualitative, quantitative, and interview. The instruments utilized include mixing scheme, interviews, surveys, and various others. Once again, the outcomes presented will be summarized to give a vivid depiction of the story's uncovering.

    Results Examination
    It is the result of conducting extensive and thorough research on the variable examined. The points showcased will be the outcome of the studies. Using graphical presentations will persuade the audience of the validity of the projected solutions. Each of the concerns raised by the techniques will be elaborated later on.

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