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  • wind up

    And it fair put the wind up Rex Mundi.
  • wind speed

    The wind speed and direction, and the cloud height and type were major hurdles to be overcome each hour.
  • wind power

    But even wind power, as heated debates at various public enquiries have revealed, is not without its critics.
  • wind blew

    Outside, the wind blew snow over the gravestones, and there was ice on our windows.
  • strong wind

    There was a strong wind blowing that day too, out of a dark, cloudy sky.
  • gust of wind

    A gust of wind roared across the plain and the insect, blown by it, took wing.
  • wind out

    The words and the theatrical element have in a sense taken the musical wind out of your sails.
  • wind had dropped

    The wind had dropped and air was fresh and crisp.
  • wind and rain

    Over the millennia, the wind and rain destroyed them.
  • wind was blowing

    A wild, stormy wind was blowing, and in the garden I passed the wreck of the great tree.
  • wind blowing

    There was a strong wind blowing that day too, out of a dark, cloudy sky.
  • high wind

    He said, ‘In a high wind, the cloak will pull you over.
  • when the wind

    The sheeting — you know, the polythene sounded like whips cracking when the wind got into it.
  • get wind

    Does it get wind, if so, where from (north, south, east or west)?
  • solar wind

    When the solar wind is weak the upwind magnetopause can lie 100 Jupiter equatorial radii (R J ) from Jupiter.

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