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  • good chance

    They said we've got a good chance now of prosecuting 'em.
  • have a chance

    It didn't have a chance; not even a tiny chance of living.
  • little chance

    The Prussian Poles had little chance to exploit any crisis in Prussian affairs.
  • chance of getting

    But I truly think we can't miss the chance of getting there.’
  • take a chance

    Lewis added: ‘But I don't think Holyfield will take a chance by coming to London to defend against me.
  • better chance

    There might be a better chance now than most times.’
  • chance of winning

    They also have a slim but slightly better chance of winning a vote for a referendum.
  • chance of being

    If she didn't find a safe corner to rest and eat she stood the chance of being caught.
  • get a chance

    I actually get a chance to have a drink!
  • per cent chance

    Mike [Foot]said wryly that if, as Harold Lever said, we had only a 50 per cent chance of avoiding catastrophe, we had better work out a contingency plan in case that chance did not come off.
  • have the chance

    And by the way, Laurence advises you to hurry back, as you may have the chance of a part .
  • give the chance

  • chance to find

    Dot wished she knew what it felt like to be brave, and wondered if she'd ever get the chance to find out.
  • get the chance

    If yer ever get the chance o' rentin' the place that is?
  • chance to play

    You'd think they'd be intrigued at a chance to play detectives.
  • every chance

    And every chance a noble knight.
  • chance to take

    Oxford away in the next round, a home game for me, and another chance to take the piss out of the locals.
  • chance of seeing

    They're planted quite closely together to deny any weeds a chance of seeing the sunshine.
  • give a chance

  • chance of having

    Who are they to be denied any chance of having future pension rights secured under new clause 4 and amendment No. 17?
  • chance to get

    ‘That's our chance to get up to tomfoolery!’
  • chance to have

    At least there's not a lot of chance to have hassles.
  • chance to win

    Now is your chance to win a five-door Renault Clio RT 1.4 in this marvellous BBC Gardeners World Magazine /Renault competition, in conjunction with the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA).
  • best chance

    Tobermore's best chance came five minutes later when Reid sent to Pattison, but he fumbled and his effort went wide.
  • chance to bring

    Our forecaster Charlie Neil is being given the chance to bring you more detail on our region's weather conditions, and sometimes a look ahead to local events.
  • chance to see

    Because I work for many different functions I get the chance to see many different kinds of weddings.
  • chance to talk

    ‘A few things have cropped up that I didn't have a chance to talk to you about last night.’
  • chance came

    My chance came some weeks later, when he visited me one November evening in my little cottage.
  • chance to put

    I have never had the chance to put properly my side of the story.

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