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  • power and prestige

    As such she holds tremendous power and prestige in Ulthuan.
  • prestige projects

    No one was under any illusion that Margaret Thatcher was in the business of building expensive prestige projects — a category into which the Channel Tunnel was wrongly put.
  • social prestige

    Undermining his mother's social prestige was-one thing, having to tell her about the book himself was another.
  • prestige among

    In each case the basis for allocating prestige among the community was very public.
  • status and prestige

    Finally, the status and prestige derived from empire threatens to raise the stakes in any imperial difficulty beyond what a rational reading of Soviet interests might otherwise dictate.
  • prestige stamp book

    Yearly prestige stamp books .
  • enjoy the prestige

    Most of the good performers in the international search companies enjoy the prestige of being part of a large firm.
  • national prestige

    Finally, national prestige is also at stake.
  • notion of prestige

    The most fruitful procedure might well be to seek lines of explanation other than those associated with the notion of prestige.
  • prestige items

    Gold and silver have attracted particular attention because they were used to make prestige items such as jewellery and regalia.
  • little prestige

    However, many occupations which afford little prestige or economic reward can be seen as vital to society.
  • considerable prestige

    Despite all these humiliations and the failure of the dream, the migrants, once they return home, find they have acquired considerable prestige.

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