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  • success or failure

    She was also the person who would decide on the success or failure of Doug's probationary period.
  • success rates

    The success rates for each type of task are given in Table 4.10.
  • success rate

    The success rates for each type of task are given in Table 4.10.
  • reproductive success

    In the simplest of all possible worlds sexual dimorphism should, perhaps, be predicted by the relative slope of lifetime reproductive success on body size in males and females.
  • lack of success

    He, meanwhile, was clearly depressed by his lack of success in Frankfurt.
  • apparent success

    This detailed the student takeover at Strasbourg University, and its apparent success in challenging the ‘spectacle’ of capitalism.
  • relative success

    The reason for this relative success at self-policing is not hard to find.
  • first success

    Karajan's first success was the 1946 Vienna Philharmonic recording of Beethoven's Eighth Symphony.
  • measure of success

    The Board has achieved a measure of success although this has been boosted by the development of North Sea Oil.
  • economic success

    Mr Museveni would have been unable to stay in power were it not for the economic success unfolding around him.
  • past success

    the past success of similar scale projects
  • chance of success

    So how can the beginner maximise the chance of success?
  • every success

    May I wish you every success in your new job.

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