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  • give up

    ‘Why’, she asks, ‘give up this healthy show of emotion for heart attacks?’
  • give rise

    They give rise to a harmful consumption externality.
  • i give

  • do not give

  • give away

    I think that was a dead give away that was.
  • just give

    "I'll just give that a minute or two," he said, and left the room.
  • give the impression

    ‘We give the impression of being in office, but not in power.’
  • prepare to give

  • order to give

    The theory uses the notion of a possible world in order to give its account of truth conditions for subjunctive conditionals.
  • give a damn

    Now, she realised, she didn't much give a damn.
  • need to give

    The first one is, you need to give longer courses of antibiotics to clear throat infections
  • also give

    Not only do you know where you are trying to get to, but you can also give attention to attempting to discover the fall back position of your opponent.
  • do give

    People do give support to their kin but they do so in a way which is patchy, possibly idiosyncratic, and which certainly cannot be predicted simply from knowing how they are related to each other.
  • well give

    If you are going to cheat and sneak bars of chocolate or packets of salted peanuts into your cupboard to eat when no one 's around then you might as well give this book to somebody else.
  • want to give

    ‘Some mornings when I wake up I just want to give it all up.
  • refuse to give

  • give additional

    We will give additional emphasis to upgrading skills and technology when allocating funds.
  • then give

    The logical thing to do is to plan a road racing season which will give you something to aim for in the summer, and then give yourself the option of trying another marathon in the autumn.
  • able to give

    It means we might be able to give higher doses, with less side effects.
  • i will give

  • i can give

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