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  • treatment plant

    Does this treatment plant normally cause problems?
  • plant material

    Methods as in ref. 14; plant material obtained as in ref. 9.
  • power plant

    The base is spared the curse of the ‘brown-outs’ familiar in Manila because it has its own power plant.
  • engine plant

    A BRIGHT new future dawned for car workers at Vauxhall's Merseyside complex with the opening today of a £190m engine plant.
  • plant and animal

    You may live within a few metres of many if not most of the plant and animal species ever recorded in Britain, and perhaps a few that are new to science.
  • process plant

    The most difficult phase was the analysis of cognitive processes in fault-finding in such a highly complex process plant.
  • plant near

    Distillers MG and AGA Gas are building an air separation plant near Sheffield.
  • reprocess plant

  • whole plant

    In the third and fourth years, optional courses of increasing specialisation cover topics ranging from the molecular and cellular to the whole plant and its physiology, ecology and evolution.

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