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  • great enthusiasm

    She smiled, without great enthusiasm.
  • lack of enthusiasm

    He said: ‘My lack of enthusiasm was due to alcohol!
  • energy and enthusiasm

    Busy and happy — tiring certainly but a night's rest producing renewed energy and enthusiasm for the coming day.
  • little enthusiasm

    Actually, though, I have little enthusiasm for the venture.
  • enough enthusiasm

    These courses gave me enough enthusiasm for the sport to want to join a club.
  • interest and enthusiasm

    Sustaining a viable business and maintaining interest and enthusiasm over 16 years of designing and making furniture does, however, require a multi-faceted approach.
  • commitment and enthusiasm

    Over several decades he brought a level of energy, commitment and enthusiasm to athletics which helped transform the sport into its modern form.
  • genuine enthusiasm

    Unlike the council tax legislation, its provisions can be embraced with genuine enthusiasm by the Minister of State.
  • initial enthusiasm

    But after the initial enthusiasm, mysticism in Europe waned somewhat.

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