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  • friend the member

  • friend the minister

  • learn friend

  • good friend

    He is a good friend of mine.
  • friend the prime

  • close friend

    He remained a close friend of Vaughan up until his death, but after 1950 he saw little of Minton, finding him a social hazard.
  • friend the secretary

  • friend said

    Mary Lou's my friend said Gwendoline, I wouldn't do that to her.
  • personal friend

    Sammy Davis Jr is a close personal friend of mine.
  • best friend

    How do we contact this inner guide, this best friend?
  • friend the chancellor

  • noble friend

    If the police authority was invited to co-opt people to add to their numbers, making sure that the majority still stayed with the councillors, then I don't think one should have too much objection to it, but if it's to be done in this er this way of central er of central allocation er in the form of the answer to the question to my noble friend Lord Lyle from my noble friend the Minister on the 17th of January which the Noble Lord, Lord Carrigan made reference in which these people are to be er i i it staggers me my Lord, I have to stop for the moment, it staggers me the er the insolence, the insolence of the Home Office in writing down job descriptions and personal profiles for people that are going to function locally.

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