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  • keep an eye

    well at least we've got a keep an eye on .
  • each eye

    For L.A.H., we repeated the test for each eye viewing separately.
  • eye to eye

    ‘Well, we don't always see eye to eye about things.
  • eye contact

    Jay realised her dark glasses cut off eye contact.
  • blind eye

    sort of turn a blind eye.
  • eye movement

    Biocontrol's system uses special sensors situated on lightweight armbands and the so-called EyeCon headband, which detects eye movement and depth of field.
  • right eye

    She was finding difficulty in seeing out of her right eye.
  • private eye

  • see eye

    ‘Well, we don't always see eye to eye about things.
  • eye was caught

    They her eye was caught by a faded and peeling board.
  • watchful eye

    Under Dauntless's watchful eye, Cleo prowled around the attic, exploring.
  • close eye

    Many employers keep a close eye on absence levels.
  • eye fell

    Her eye fell on a group of poinsettias.
  • naked eye

    These eggs are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • human eye

    The human eye does the selecting.
  • eye tests

    Now, V D U and eye tests I'll take over the main primary agenda.
  • eye out

    Gauged his eye out cut his tongue up out and then chopped his old man off.
  • good eye

    His father believed that he had a good eye and could have played the game well if he was not liable to slip into a trance and forget that his attention was needed.

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