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  • high court

  • court of appeal

    A magistrate, who, as a member of a licensing court and court of appeal, had taken part in a decision to grant no certificates for the sale of spirits within the burgh, was held not to be thereby disqualified from trying one of the applicants affected by the decision for trafficking in spirits without a certificate: Gorman v. Wright, 1916 S.C.
  • supreme court

  • county court

    Proceedings commenced in the wrong county court
  • crown court

  • divisional court

    now my Lord, your Lordship would of seen from the case and now from the continental television case, both in the divisional court and in the court of appeal, that where a reference is to be made the court that is marking the reference, if, what is sort to be done is either to challenge a British statute or in the case of er, er the red hot Dutch case,of course with the statute, er something which er it involves a ministerial decision, but in either of those instances the court has got to decide in the interim whether or not the statute or measure should remain in force and there is the priority of public policy as indicated in er Lord er speech referred to both in the divisional court and in the court of appeal in continental television in er maintaining the law in force and a, a bonus has to be faced by the person seeking discipline from the law to show us a sufficiently strong case to justify the er, er, the suspension of the law in the interim.
  • court of justice

  • court heard

    The court heard the worker thought all the gas bottles were empty.
  • sheriff court

  • before the court

    However, eventually the matter came before the court and the father's application was heard by Ewbank J. on 3 March 1992.
  • court last

    The driver, 54-year-old Colin Stafford-Hayden of Farquar Road, London, was summonsed at Alton magistrates court last week.
  • court held

    151, 188, para. 25, the court held that a requirement for 75 per cent.
  • court yesterday

    STEVEN Littlewood, 27, of Bridgewater Avenue, Latchford, Warrington, was remanded in custody at Warrington magistrates court yesterday charged with the aggravated taking of a Ford Escort XR3i cabriolet, causing the death of 19-year-old Julian Osborne, of Dorchester Road, Hood Manor, Warrington, causing Osborne's death by dangerous driving and driving without insurance.
  • appeal court

    Of the individuals acquitted by the Bologna appeal court four had been sentenced to life imprisonment and nine to lesser terms.
  • court action

    HIGH court action to evict ‘sex therapist’ Sara Dale and her boyfriend David Missen out of their Suffolk home is due to be reconvened today.

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