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  • daily mail

  • daily telegraph

  • daily mirror

  • daily post staff

  • daily newspaper

    He had a photographer with him and was from a daily newspaper.
  • daily life

    So there's risk just in daily life.
  • daily and sunday

  • daily post correspondent

  • daily routine

    ‘If you are feeling bored and fed up with the daily routine, give the WI a try.
  • daily worker

  • daily express

  • almost daily

    It was all on offer as scripts began arriving almost daily.
  • daily contact

    Because of her daily contact with the sufferer the warden will have a clearer idea of the degree of dementia than anyone, family or otherwise, whose contact is only occasional.
  • daily news

    He had a photographer with him and was from a daily newspaper.
  • mg daily

    Twenty-one months after primary HIV-1 infection, his CD4 count had fallen to 416/L (28.9%) and zidovudine 500 mg daily was started.
  • daily living

    It was loosely based on Roper, Logan and Tierney's model of 12 activities of daily living.
  • east anglian daily

  • liverpool daily post

  • time daily

  • editors national daily

  • average daily

    In 1988/9 unit availability had risen by 87 per cent and the average daily miles per operational set was 844.
  • mg once daily

    Comparable data from H 2 receptor antagonist maintenance trials are limited, but would seem to be similar for both cimitidine 400 mg once daily (estimated reduction in DU relapse rate compared with placebo ranges from 26% to 37%), ranitidine 150 mg once daily (estimated reductions of 24%. 39% and 48%) and famotidine 20–40 mg once daily (estimated 32–34% reduction in relapse rate).
  • open daily

    Oxford Story Gift Shop open daily.
  • twice daily

    Considering its longer duration of action salmeterol 50 µg twice daily could be equivalent to salbutamol in doses up to 500 µg four to six hourly.

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