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  • overall strategy

    They were supporting him, they were making him look good, and the overall strategy seemed to be working.
  • economic strategy

    It is the North West's first economic strategy.
  • development strategy

    The second item of correspondence economic development strategy consultation.
  • corporate strategy

    So they haven't actually gotta formed a corporate strategy on the actual prod product development.
  • management strategy

    For each of the areas an environmental traffic management strategy was formulated and ‘before’ studies on the existing traffic and environmental situation carried out.
  • common strategy

    A common strategy to help clean up Central and Eastern Europe has been adopted by 50 environment ministers from Europe, the US, Canada and Japan.
  • market strategy

    You may recall from your studies of Corporate Strategy that the identification of a market opportunity should result in the development of a product/market strategy.
  • financial strategy

    The Council have considered and approved a review of financial strategy for the Society to 1997, the main aims of which are to:
  • equilibrium strategy

    According to this, a subgame perfect equilibrium strategy for a game is one which gives a Nash equilibrium strategy for every subgame of the game.
  • branch recruitment strategy

    A branch recruitment strategy should be agreed upon between the Recruitment Officer and the AD(B).
  • strategy should

    A branch recruitment strategy should be agreed upon between the Recruitment Officer and the AD(B).

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