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  • first time

    She saw him, for the first time ever, startled.
  • time i

    What time is dad coming back?
  • time when

    Ollie remember that time when we beat up Paul in ?
  • long time

    Take a long time.
  • full time

    erm it employs a million and a half people in full time jobs, or full time equivalents.
  • last time

    Old McDonald They always work last time I heard.
  • only time

    It seems the only time I can ever talk to you is on the way to violin lessons and on the way back."
  • second time

    It was only the second time they had worked together.
  • every time

    I'm ninety three now and I go in this back yard do something every time.
  • time is when

    Continuous time means that observation is unceasing, such as a continuous record of river discharge;quantized time is when imaginary sections are used to subdivide time, as when precipitation amounts are measured daily or weekly;discrete time is when interest focuses upon time duration and frequency of events per unit of time; and sampled time is when observations can only be made at particular periods, such as weekly measurements of plant growth.
  • each time

    Returns each time to listen.
  • time to time

    Unfortunately, these accidents still occur from time to time.

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